Willing to relocate worldwide!!!


- Strategic Sourcing

- Purchasing

- Supply Management

- Global Sourcing

- Excel

- Negotiation

- Automotive


- Logistics


Buyer - Purchasing and Supplier Management - Aftermarket Products

(February 2011 - November 2016)

Participating on a Short Term Assignment, from January to July 2014 in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Main Activities:

  • Suppliers routines as: Keep track of targets and goals (KPI's); MCL actions; Payment terms negotiation; monitoring local and global supplier performance and deliveries. Find source to parts that does not have a global source within VCE, localization, work with cost reduction and help the VCE organization by creating local source Business Cases.
  • Work together with the other Customer Solutions Department to have always the best source, price and commitment with final customers, regarding delivery date and quality. Cooperation with Price and Parts Marketing to help on campaigns to achieve other KPIs.

Buyer - Volvo 3P

(March 2007 - February 2011)

Main activities:

  • Keep track of the targets and goals, aiming always the MCL and looking forward to increase the payment terms, using VSIB to monitor and keep track of supplier performance and delivery and support other departments. I was responsible for pushing suppliers to sign agreements, working to keep the projects on track with respect to GPOT with QDCF; negotiating parts and projects, and keeping commercial and technical targets aligned.
  • Regarding Jacks, I was responsible to find a new supply source, do the SEM audit together with the SQA, negotiate prices, review the technical specifications with Product Development department, monitor since the production until the first batch with PPAP approval.
  • Within fifth wheel segment, working with the Global Buyer, signed the Long Term Contract, which gave a -4% of cost reduction with Jost and Fontaine.
  • Working with projects I have good interactions and cross functional workings with the stakeholders, acting on VMS group meetings and solutions.
  • During the development of P2844 (VM EURO V) we had a target to reduce part cost about 10% to 20% when compared to the current parts. It was a good example of PUR x PD interaction because almost all VMS groups met their targets.

Purchasing Analyst - Volvo 3P

(2004 – 2007)

Main activities:

  • Responsible for the Volvo 3P MCL and MCE reports, together with the Controller, gather market information regarding raw material increases in order to support buyers on their forecast during the year, suppliers ABC curve and responsible for control and follow up on buyers for all the 3P Brazil suppliers contracts (Purchasing, Warranty, LTC)
  • Cost Reduction Program. Interface between buyers and engineers. Responsible for follow up and present month to month results with graphs and presentations to the whole company.


- Excel Expert;

- Intercultural communication;

- Customer relationship management;

- Global interaction;

- Self management;

- Experience in new projects for production and aftermarket;

- Extensive knowledge on negotiations and agreements;

- Knowledge and understanding about:

- Global Development Process

- Volvo Production System

- Value Stream Mapping

- Forecasting and Budgeting

- Aftermarket requirements

- Volvo Systems (SAP, GPS, Pins, Beat, ePurch and etc)

- Objectives driven;

- Customer focused;